If it can be made, we will make it


On the catering side of Babs & Castles we currently specialize in being your personal chef at your dinner party. Offering a selection of multi-course menus, we aim to help you impress your guests.

Everything we make is done from scratch, locally sourced, & designed to leave an impression. It is in our best interest to uphold a high standard of quality and care for the food we create to maintain a great sense of pride and accomplishment in what we do.

What's included?

Chef Jordy

Chef Jordy does most of the prep work at the Babs & Castles kitchen before arriving at your location to cook for you and your guests. He cooks, plates, serves, & cleans before leaving.


From 3-5 courses, each dish is put together with hand selected ingredients from local markets. Some ingredients are impossible to get locally but we keep it as close to home as possible.

What to expect

Chef Jordy will need to arrive within 1.5 hours of the dinners start. Please allow a short 5-10 minute window between courses. 

Dinners of 10 or more require an additional Chef. 

If required, we can rent plates & other dinnerware. 

Dinner Options


Winter 2020